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Welcome to Evo. Our company was founded in Los Angeles in 2002. We're the first and only limo service in the US to deploy a fleet of luxury vehicles exclusively powered by clean, domestic alternatives to gasoline. Our service is offered as an alternative to companies and individuals who are environmentally conscious but nonetheless demand dependability, style and luxury vehicle comfort.

In 2002, in anticipation of a demand by customers and environmentalists alike, we rolled out the first luxury SUV powered by dedicated compressed natural gas, which is showcased on this website. Beginning in 2006, we started providing the Lexus 400h and Toyota Camry to our clients as hybrids make their mark on the transportation scene. We were the first to add eco-friendly (CNG) Lincoln Town Cars to our line-up as well.  As our fleet grows we will be adding other vehicle styles and testing more advanced fuel technologies. 

Several Evo vehicles are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), which is an extremely clean burning, abundant, domestically produced fuel. Our SUVs are certified ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicle) and SULEV (super ultra low emissions vehicle). As the technology advances, we plan to introduce ZEV (zero emissions vehicle) equipment, which use hydrogen fuel cells and electricity for power